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Christian Worldview

Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

  Can we stand for truth without becoming jaded?     G.K. Chesterton, in his 1908 book Orthodoxy, describes how when he was a boy, many told him that his ideals would eventually “break up like clouds” and that he’d be forced to put his real faith in simple, practical politics.   Is this true,

Quantum Theory and Theology

  Quantum theory boggles the mind.     As science journalist John Horgan writes, quantum theory is “science’s most precise, powerful theory of reality…. The trouble is physicists and philosophers disagree over what it means.”   As C.S. Lewis wrote back in 1952, if Christianity is true, it would be “at least as difficult as

Teens are NOT All Right

  Teens are not all right, and there’s an underlying cause—the loss of meaning.    Of course, Christians can also struggle with despair, but even when God feels distant, it matters that He is there.   A Christian worldview has something to offer in this time, a God who is not only alive but who

Live Life to its Fullest

  Studies continue to show that exercising gratitude leads to better sleep, improved interpersonal relationships, better stress and hormonal regulation, and even reduced physical pain.   Ultimately, gratitude “works” because it is a true response of a creature to Creator. Gratitude helps us see life clearly and to live it to its fullest.  

Human Enhancement vs. Restoration

  Any ethical consideration, especially one with such consequential potential for humanity, should begin with the question, what does it mean to be human?   Donate Here: Website:

Can the Church’s Online Existence Mend Real-World Problems?

Digital technology made it possible for churches to pivot and continue in the early, uncertain days of the pandemic. Now, some Christians are starting “churches” in Facebook’s new Metaverse, where people, or their avatars, can “come” to church from anywhere in the world.

Bringing the Generations Together Through Prayer

  I’m often asked by Christians who, like me, are troubled by the state of our culture. “Isn’t there anything we can do? Other than prayer, of course…”   What Christians need to know is that praying is doing something. And it’s often the one thing we know we can do, but don’t.   Not

Identifying Misinformation

  You’re scrolling through social media and someone shares a post that doesn’t sound quite right. Is it true, or is it another case of misinformation on the Internet?   What would you say?   Misinformation has always been around, but it’s even more of a challenge now that so much of our lives are

Definitions Matter: Truth

  You’re in a conversation with someone about “truth,” but you get the sense that what they mean by “truth” and what you mean by “truth” are not the same thing.   What would you say?   Definitions matter. In conversations with others, we’ll often find that we are using the same vocabulary, but not

Happily Divorced vs. Unhappily Married – Which is Better for Kids?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Children are better off with happy divorced parents than they are with parents in an unhappy marriage.”   What would you say?   In headlines about a celebrity divorce or in conversations with friends in struggling marriages, we often hear that it will be better for kids if

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