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Christian Living

Aging and the Redeemed Life

  Recently, Stanford Center on Longevity announced the project the “New Map of Life,” where the authors admit that the “narrative of an ‘aging society’ seems to convey only a crisis.”   But scripture calls old age “a crown of glory” (Proverbs 16:31) not because of how long it lasts or what is accomplished.  

Happiness Isn’t Wanting Less

  Sociologist Arthur Brooks argues that part of the “Secret to Human Happiness” is wanting less, something taught by teachers as ideologically diverse as the Buddha and Thomas Aquinas.      This is good practical wisdom. But while the views of Aquinas and Buddha are superficially similar on this topic, they depart radically on what

What is Travel Good For?

  Recently, many are opting for what social media has dubbed “revenge travel”: the chance to get out and make up for time lost during the pandemic.     Which brings up the question: What is travel good for?  

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